These definitions are used throughout the documentation and are entities you will be coming across as you implement an application using the API.


Your user account. Everything you do in Cargonizer you do as a user, and you authenticate your access to it using a password or an API key.

Sender (aka consignor)

Most likely the same as your company. It is a basic entity, like your user account; your user account can be associated with more than one sender , and most actions you take in Cargonizer happen in the context of a sender. You create a consignment for a sender, and that sender becomes the consignor for that consignment.


A shipment containing all information about the nature of the cargo, detailed parcel information, transport services and addresses of different parties involved in the shipment. A shipment can have many individual parcels, referred to as parcels, items of pieces in Cargonizer (yes, we know it can be confusing, we're working on it).

Parties, party

A company or person with a role in the consignment/shipment. Examples are consignor, consignee, third-party freight payer, delivery part, pick up address.


The party that receives the consignment. The name and address of the receiving part.


A carrier is the party responsible for actually moving your consignment from its origin to its destination. Exmples of carriers are Bring and Postnord.

Shipping product

Each carrier offers different products. They can have different priorities, freight prices and methods for delivery. Examples are Home Delivery, Service Parcels, Express, Road Groupage.

Transport Agreement

Each Consignor (sender) needs to have an agreement with the chosen carrier before shipping. The Consignor has at least one agreement number with each of the carriers they will use for transport of goods. The information about the shipment will be sent electronically to the carrier. The receiving systems at the carriers side needs to know who is sending this information. The transport agreement number is often used for this purpose.




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