Pickup Points

Some products require you to add another party to the consignment referred to as a pick-up point or service-partner. This resource allows you to get a list of pick-up points for a given area.

  • Requires authentication: Yes
  • Requires sender ID: No

Endpoint URL


Getting a list of pick-up points

To get a list of pick-up points, perform a GET request on the endpoint URL. You must include four parameters, COUNTRY, POSTCODE, CARRIER and PRODUCT. NOTE: Additional parameters if shipping with helthjem (see below). These must be passed through the URL query string or HTTP body using application/x-www-form-urlencoded

The country and postcode are usually the same as the consignee's.

The product is the shipping method chosen. Here is the list of identifiers.

The carrier parameter is used as follows:

To get a list of PostNord pick-up points use the carrier paramter postnord
To get a list of Bring pick-up points use the carrier parameter bring
To get a list of helthjem pick-up points use the carrier parameter helthjem

An additonal parameter shop_id is required for helthjem The shop_id value given to you by helthjem. The same as your company's customer number for helthjem


Getting pick-up points as XML
curl -g -XGET -H'X-Cargonizer-Key: 12345' 'https://cargonizer.no/service_partners.xml?country=NO&postcode=1337&carrier=postnord'
GET /service_partners.xml?country=NO&postcode=1337&carrier=postnord HTTP/1.1 Host: cargonizer.no X-Cargonizer-Key: 12345
http = new HTTPRequest(); http.method = 'GET'; http.url = 'https://cargonizer.no/service_partners.xml?country=NO&postcode=1337&carrier=postnord'; http.queryStringParameters.set('country', 'NO'); http.queryStringParameters.set('postcode', '1337'); http.headers.add('X-Cargonizer-Key', '12345'); response = http.execute();

Returned XML

The returned XML is a list of <service-partner> elements, each representing a single pick-up point address. The <number> value are identifiers used by the carrier to route the consignment to its destination and must be present in the <service-partner> part in your consignment XML.

Example of returned XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <id type="integer">86204</id>
  <service-partners type="array">
      <name>RIMI SANDVIKA</name>
      <address1>LEIF TRONSTADPL 7</address1>
      <address2 nil="true"/>
      <name>RIMI GJETTUM</name>
      <address1>DR HØSTSV 2</address1>
      <address2 nil="true"/>






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